Web Advisors & Content Managers

Web Advisors & Content Managers

What is a Campus Content Manager (CCM)?

A Campus Content manager does the work within Cascade (our web editing system) to update and maintain their website pages. Here are the responsibilities of a CCM:

  • Understand best practices for websites and web content

  • Keep pages updated with relevant and fresh content

  • Responsible for reviewing Siteimprove reports that record broken links and misspellings

  • Be familiar with accessibility on the web and understand how to meet ADA guidelines

  • Largely responsible for planning and editing their website pages

What is a Web Advisor?

A Web Advisor is an important link between the Washburn site and us, the Web Team. You tell us what updates need to happen on the pages and the Web Team works in Cascade to make it happen. We can organize the information, write it, and make the changes on your pages for you. Web Advisors are not responsible for planning web pages, editing, reviewing Siteimprove reports or understanding accessibility practices and ADA guidelines. Please email any materials or changes to your pages to webmaster@washburn.edu.

If you would like to become or switch to the role as a Web Advisor or a CCM, consult your Supervisor or Department Head and email us anytime at webmaster@washburn.edu.

Web Team

Chad Beatty, Web Administrator, ITS
Extension: 1539

Erin Manuel, Web Specialist, ITS
Extension: 1888