Online Course Design



There are a wealth of online tools (many that are free) that you can use to help enhance your online course. Here you will find a list of the ones I know about (I'll be adding things to the list as I can).

  • SumoPaint - Image editing program, no sign-up needed
  • Creately - Diagramming software
  • Voicethread - Collaborative, multimedia slide show that allows the viewers to leave comments
  • Prezi - A new way of creating presentations
  • Eyejot - Video mail
  • Omeka - Create and collaborate on a website to display digital collections
  • SlideShare - A way of sharing presentations, documents, and professional videos
  • Livebinders - A 3-ring binder for the web
  • Crocodoc - View and comment on any document
  • Sliderocket - Online presentation creation
  • Aviary - Online editing tools (image, design, and audio)
  • Diigo - Bookmark, annotate, and share web sites
  • Screenr - Online screen recorder (5 minute limit)
  • Evernote - Online notebook to save notes, images, webpages, etc.
  • authorSTREAM - Convert narrated PowerPoint presentations into video
  • myBrainshark - Add audio to nearly any file (including PowerPoint presentations)