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Conference Call Information

There are a variety of ways to make conference calls.

  1. Nortel Phone Sets
  2. Polycom
  3. Teleconferencing

1. Nortel Phone Set Conference Calls

This option works well as an uncomplicated process to make a conference call.  You can have up to six participants (including the source) on the call.  Our telephone switch can only accommodate up to six off-campus participants.  However, it has been reported to us that you can have as many as eight participants on a call if all eight are on-campus.  You can become the source of the call, or you can be a participant of a call made by a different source.

You can also use your Nortel phone to place in a room (with the appropriate phone jack) of people - all of whom can to listen to the call on the speaker phone.  You can call just one person (on or off campus) and put that person on the speaker phone for all in the room to participate, or you can call up to six (including the source) participants.


  • You can use your digital (Nortel) line in your office.
  • Using your Nortel phone set is ideal for making a conference call between participants on campus. No one needs to leave his/her desk.
  • If you want your staff to hear a phone conversation, they do not have to be part of an actual conference call on their own phone.  You can invite your staff to an office where there is one Nortel phone and use the speaker phone.


  • The more people you add to the call, you may lose some clarity of sound. It has been reported to us that a single line speaker works well in a small room.
  • There is only one microphone & speaker (within the phone set); if you have a large group at a long table, a polycom might be a better choice.

Being the Source of On-Campus NORTEL Conference Calls

  • A person off-campus (both locally and long distance) can be included (dial 9 + 1 + xxx-xxx-xxxx - including your Netwolves code for long distance calls).  Keep in mind that you could lose some sound clarity as additional off-campus participants are included.
  • If one person hangs up, the call will not be interrupted.
  • Anyone in the conference group can add people.
  • If you dial a line that is busy, if you misdial, or if you get voice mail, press the line key next to the flashing telephone icon to reconnect call.  Do not press the Goodbye key as the SBC M3902 User Guide recommends.
  • You may not know if/when others have been included in conference call.
  • Others in the group may continue to talk while other people are being called.
  • You can use your Nortel M3902 or M3904 speaker phone to hold conference calls in your office between your staff in your office and an off-campus caller.  Simply press the green speaker phone button (left on phone).  In this case, the conference key is not needed.

Note: If you are NOT the source of a conference call, the source should call the WU employee to inform them of the number to dial to be included in the call.

M3902 Single Line Phone Set

  1. Dial the number of the person you want included in the conference call.
  2. Press the CONFERENCE key to complete the conference.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 to add additional parties.
  4. Press CONFERENCE again.

M3904  Multi-line Phoneset

Note: On 3904s, the "Conf" does not display until the dialed person picks up their handset.

  1. Dial the first WU extension, local number, or long distance number.
  2. With a call in progress, press the CONFERENCE key.
  3. Dial the number of the person you want included in the conference call.
  4. Press the CONNECT key to complete the conference.
  5. Repeat steps1-3 to add additional parties.

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2. Polycom as the source

(Limit of six participants due to our telephone switch restrictions)

If you choose to use a polycom, and your department does not own one, you can make arrangements to check out a polycom at Bennett Room 104; or you can call extension 3000 and the tech can connect you to the appropriate personnel.

A polycom normally requires an analog line.  The room you may want to make the conference call in may not have an analog line.  You can check with Phyllis Hoffman at extension 2308 to find which rooms have analog lines.  You do NOT have to have an analog line in a room to use a polycom.  However, you must have a digital line in the room and an adapter to convert the phone line from digital to analog.  If you check out the polycom in Bennett, there is also an adapter (converter) with instructions of how it should be connected.

If your department owns a polycom, you can purchase a digital-to-analog adapter if necessary.  Contact John Haverty (extension 2330) if you have questions regarding purchasing a polycom and/or converter for your department.


  • You do not have to be in your office (or near a Nortel phone) for this call.  If you have a class that you want involved with conference call, you may want to use a polycom (as long as there is a phone line in the room).
  • Small microphones can be placed on long tables.


  • You need to find available room/equipment.

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3. Teleconferencing (Bridging)


Because a teleconference service provider is assisting with the call:

  • Participants can be in any time zone, at any phone (cell phone, hotel phone, pay phone, etc.)
  • Participants do not have to call at an exact time to enter into the conference call. The service provider will assist in getting the caller involved in a conference call already in progress.


  • There is a charge for the teleconferencing service.

Teleconferencing Service Providers:

  1. AT&T Teleconferencing Services
    AT&T offers many plans, including dial-in or operator-dialed conferencing.  A dial-in conference is ideal for participants not sure where they will be when it's time to call in.  This service allows callers to use any phone,including hotel and pay phones.  An operator-dialed conference is ideal when you want to "call a meeting" and have AT&T handle the arrangements for you. For more information or to set up a call, dial 1-800-232-1234 or visit their web site at
  2. Kansas Regents Network
    Telebridge is a teleconferencing system that provides several services, including operator-assisted or automated dialing.  Operator-assisted calls allow callers to dial in, and an operator connects callers at the designated time.  Automated dial allows callers to access the conference at any time using an assigned passcode (pin number).  For more information or to set up a call, dial 1-785-532-5995 or visit their web site at
    If you have questions regarding billing for conference services, call AT&T or Kansas Regents Network.

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