Telephone System Help

Headset Information

For M3904 (multi-line) phones only.

Contact Phyllis Hoffman at 670-2308 for further headset information. You can do your own price comparison shopping by checking websites such as,,, etc. Before you order a headset, check with Phyllis to ensure the headset compatibility with our phones.

There are two options for WU staff to consider when making a decision about purchasing a headset: wired or wireless (with or without a lifter). Please note that you can order headsets with a noise canceling microphone; this is usually denoted with an N suffix on the model number. This feature can be a real advantage if your phone is in a noisy office. Also, you can order a LIGHT DISPLAY which flashes a red light on a small unit which is connected to your phone and can be placed at a location where walk-ins can then see whether or not you are on the phone.

  1. Wired Headsets
    • Advantages:
      • Wired is often less expensive than wireless.
      • Some of the staff have found wired headsets are more comfortable than wireless headsets.
      • You do not have to use a lifter which can be difficult to adjust correctly.
    • Disadvantages:
      • The wires/cords usually reach up to around 10 feet - thus you cannot go far from your phone set to talk.
      • You will need to remove the headset whenever you leave your phone - unless you purchase a clip that is connected to your headset. This clip can be removed easily from your belt or wherever you choose to place it.
      • Phone cannot be answered unless you are at your phone.
    • Model Recommendation:
      • Plantronics H151 or H151N (noise canceling)
      • Plantronics Duopro 17 or 17N (this model has a built-in amp)
  2. Wireless Headsets
    • Advantages:
      • Allows you to take your conversation up to 300 feet away from your phone
      • No need to buy an amplifier; wireless headsets have built-in amps
      • You can place callers on hold
    • Disadvantage:
      • Often more expensive than wired headsets
    1. With Lifter
      • Advantage:
        • With a lifter, you can be up to 300 feet away from your phone, press a button on your headset and answer your phone.
      • Disadvantage:
        • There has been an issue with lifters fitting properly on Nortel's phones. The curvature on the left side of the phone set has caused problems with the handset falling off the lifter when the button is pressed on the headset to answer the phone. Some of the Washburn staff have found that they can make adjustments (using tape, etc.) to help eliminate this problem.
      • Model Recommendation:
        • Plantronics CS55 with HL 1 Lifter
        • Note from a staff member: Do not throw anything away that comes with this equipment. There is a piece that is about 5 inches long that is easy to miss - but you must have it in order to make the lifter work with a Nortel phone.
    2. Without Lifter
      • Advantages:
        • You can talk on your phone when up to 300 feet away.
        • There is no hassle with lifter not working correctly.
      • Disadvantage:
        • You must be at your phone in order to answer your phone & to transfer calls (but not to talk on your phone).
      • Model Recommendations:
        • GN Netcom 9120
        • Plantronics CS5