Telephone System Help

Telephone System Help

Conference Calls

Cordless Capabilities

  • Cordless Phones - Nortel does not offer a digital cordless phone at this time. All WU phone sets have speakers for hands-free conversations. A wireless headset and a handset lifter simulate a cordless phone, allowing you to use the telephone provided by the university. See Headsets for more information.

Directory of Washburn Staff

Emergency Phone Numbers


FAX Lines and Fax Machines

Local Calls

  • Dial 9 + 7-digit number

Long Distance

  • Area Code Assistance
  • International Calls

    NOTE: There is no city or country code for the British Virgin Island.

    NOTE: If you attempt to send an international fax, be aware that the newer models of fax machines have modems which move at such a high rate of speed that international faxes often do not transmit. If your international fax will not transmit, you have two options.

    * Send your document as an attachment rather than faxing
    * Use Baili Zhang's fax machine in the International House; Baili has an older model (slower) fax machine

  • Netwolves Long Distance Information

Operator-Assisted Calls (Directory Assistance)

Phone Books

Phone Set Function Keys

Service Request Form

Staff Changes

Voice Mail (Call Pilot)