Telephone System Help

New Employee and/or New Phone

  1. Complete a phone service request form.
    • If you need a new phone for a new employee, click on "New Phone"
    • If a new employee is using a phone/extension number already in place, click on "Name Change"
    • In the "additional information area," please provide the following:
      • How you want caller id displayed.
      • New employees will have voice mail. How many rings (2,4,or 6) before the calls go to voice  mail.
      • Let us know if you want the employee included in an already-established pickup group.
  2. New employee should submit a voice mail password reset form.  Once the password has been reset, the new employee can choose his/her own password.
  3. New employee should change the personal verification and voice mail greeting.
  4. If you want the new name & extension listed in the campus directory, send e-mail to: