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Voice Mail Cheat Sheet

Contact Phyllis Hoffman if you have any questions regarding this Voice Mail Cheat Sheet at 670-2308 or

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Voice mail messages that have been played are deleted in seven days.

Personal Verification – What is it and How is it recorded?

Your Personal Verification is a recording that is heard by the person you are calling if they are away from their desk. You are leaving them a message on their voice mail – but before they hear your message, they hear your automatic recording that this call is from ‘your name and ext #’.

To record your Personal Verification (one-time only), do the following:

  1. Press the Message button
  2. Enter your mail box (ext #) & password
  3. Press 82
  4. Press 9 (immediately)
  5. You will be prompted from there to record your Personal Verification. Please state only your name and phone ext .
  6. To start recording, press 5; to end recording, press #

Record your Greeting

This is the greeting a caller hears when you are away from your desk or on another line. To record your greeting, do the following:

  1. Press the Message button
  2. Enter your mail box (ext #) & password
  3. Press 82
  4. Press 1 for external greeting (internal greetings are not used)
  5. To start recording, press 5; to end recording, press #.

Log In to Voice Mail from your desk

  1. Get dial tone
  2. Press the Message Key
  3. Dial your extension (mailbox) number
  4. Press #
  5. Dial your password

Log In to Voice Mail from home

  1. Dial (785) 670-1700
  2. Dial your extension (mailbox) number
  3. Press #
  4. Dial your password

How To Create Phone Tickets

  1. Log onto MyWashburn
  2. Click on the University Services Tab
  3. Click on the ITS Website link (top left side)
  4. Click on Telephone System Help (left side in list of services)
  5. View the top left side of this page and click on SUBMIT A PHONE TICKET to create and submit a phone service or voicemail password reset request.

Express Message
This allows the caller to call someone with a WU extension, and  the call will go directly to voice mail.

  1. Dial 1701 on campus
  2. Dial (785) 670-1701 off campus
  3. Enter mailbox number
  4. Press #

Transfer Express Message

  1. Give caller mailbox number
  2. Press Transfer
  3. Press 1701 #
  4. Press Connect & hang up
  5. Caller will hear... "Mailbox number?"

If you want to change your password for any reason:

  1. While logged into Call Pilot (voice mail)
  2. Press 84 (password change)
  3. Enter your old/current password #
  4. Enter a new 6-digit password; enter this again to confirm.
    You will be advised if your password change was successful

If you have forgotten your password or if you cannot log in to your voice mail:

  1. Go to the Telephone Forms page and select Voice Mail Password Reset Form
  2. Watch for ticket information in your e-mail or call Phyllis Hoffman at 670-2308.
  3. When you have been notified that your password has been reset, login in to Call Pilot (voice mail).
  4. You will be prompted to enter your password.
  5. Enter your temporary password which is 12 + your extension number. 
  6. You will be advised that the system administrator has made a change & you must enter a new password.
  7. Press 84 when prompted.
  8. You will be prompted to enter your “old” password; again, enter 12 + your extension number.

Call forward to Voice Mail

To activate:

  1. Without lifting the handset
  2. Press the FORWARD display key
  3. Dial the forwarding extension or dial 1700 to forward to voice mail

To cancel:

  1. Press the CHECK FORWARD display key
  2. Press the CANCEL FORWARD display key

Forwarding Voice Mail

  1. During or after message, press 73
  2. Enter desired mailbox/ext number
  3. Press ##
  4. Press 5 to record introduction
  5. Press # to end recording
  6. When prompted, press 79 to send
    The voice mail message stays in the original mailbox.

Note: you can autodial both on and off campus numbers.

  • To program your phone to autodial:
    • Without lifting the handset, press an available AUTODIAL key
    • Enter the telephone number you wish to store, including 9 if needed
    • Press the AUTODIAL key again to save the entry
  • To make an autodial call
    • Lift the handset
    • Press the AUTODIAL line key you have programmed

Self-Labeling Telephone Keys

  1. Press the Options key
  2. Arrow down to highlight  "Change Feature Key Label" 
  3. Press "Select" 
  4. "Change Feature Key" should be highlighted; press "Select" again 
  5. When you are requested to "Select a Feature Key,"  press the line key you want to label 
  6. Use the keypad to enter letters 
  7. Press "Done" to save the changes 
  8. Press "Quit" to exit Options 
  9. If you want to have numbers displayed rather than letters, press the number key four times (until it displays a number). For number one, you will need to press the key five times. 
  10. If you want to delete an existing label, press the delete key.

Shortcuts Regarding Voice Mail:

Press 1 to skip backward 5 seconds at a time
Press 2 to play recorded message
Press 3 to skip forward 5 seconds at a time
Press 4 to go to previous message
Press 5 to skip personal greeting
Press 6 to go to next message
Press 21 to slow message
Press 23 to speed up message
Press 72 to hear date/time of message
Press 83 to disconnect
Press 84 to change password
Press 86 to go to specific message
Press * to get help
Press # to pause during playback
Press # during greeting to skip over it
Press 76 to delete message. Note:  Once you have hung up the phone, a deleted message cannot be retrieved; we do not back up voice mail  However, if you have pressed 76 and have not hung up the receiver, the message is still available for you to retrieve.