Projects and Planning

Projects and Planning

Strategic Technology Enhancement Projects

Strategic Technology Enhancement Projects (STEP) are defined plans and solutions that address a significant IT need, deficiency, or changing requirement. Some STEPs are merely extensions of ongoing University or ITS service expectations; while others are new initiatives. Some STEP efforts are the responsibility of ITS, while others are joint efforts or even the sole responsibility of other departments, offices, or committees. STEP projects depend upon input and recommendations provided by the Washburn community, existing committees, task forces, or other academic or institutional leadership.

Old Projects

Technology Strategic Plan for Washburn University

Technology continually impacts how Washburn University operates as an institution of higher education, both in its academic and administrative settings. In an attempt to prepare for its future, Washburn University contracted with Kaludis Consulting to assess its technology environment. This assessment occurred during the period February to April 2010 and the results were presented to a variety of campus groups beginning in July 2010.

Washburn’s Technology Steering Committee (TSC) carefully reviewed the Kaludis report and agreed that a campus-wide strategic planning process should focus upon implementing the following five key recommendations.

  1. Improve shared IT governance, planning and support services.
  2. Enhance technology support for teaching, learning and research.
  3. Upgrade the University's network, infrastructure and core technology resources.
  4. Help to improve and streamline Washburn’s student services, operational processes and reporting.
  5. Promote communications, collaboration, information sharing and stewardship.

The technology strategic plan was accepted in July, 2011 by the Technology Steering Committee. Read the strategic plan in its entirety.