Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

There's no shortage of artistic endeavors on tap in the Mulvane events calendar. You'll find stuff for kids, families and adults...all with an artistic bent. Keep checking back for updates - planning for the next big thing is always underway!

Movies at the Mulvane: Animal Farm
July 28, 6 - 7:30pm
Based on George Orwell's 1945 novel, this animated 1955 film starring barnyard animals satirizes the founding of the Soviet Union and its transformation under Stalin.  Still relevant today, it illustrates the age-old maxim, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Non Sequitur
August 4, 5:30pm
Two entirely different short presentations titled "The History of Bacon" and "Looking for Cunningham."  After hearing about one of today's most popular foods, gain an insight into the success and failure of art historical research.

ArtLab Family Day
Back to School

August 15, 1 - 4pm, for people of all ages
Create artwork that will remind you of summer 2015 for years to come!
Free and open to the public.

Presentation by Karen Clond
September 15, 6 - 7pm
Dementia Care Specialist, Heart of America Alzheimer's Association, Karen Clond, will speak of the use of art in caring for those afflicted with dementia.  Held in conjunction with the exhibition, Perspectives on Aging.

Movies at the Mulvane: Manufactured Landscapes
September 16, 4 - 5:30pm
This movie follows photographer Edward Burtynsky to China as he travels the country photographing the effects of the country's massive industrial revolution.  Held in conjunction with the exhibition, The Industrial Sublime. 

Presentations by Bill Bider, Rex Buchanan & Dr. Hui Xiao
September 22, 6-7pm
Bill Bider, Director of the Bureau of Waste Management at the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, will discuss waste management in Kansas; Rex Buchanan, Interim Director of the Kansas Geological Survey, will discuss fracking; and Dr. Hui Xiao, Professor of East Asian Languages & Culture at the University of Kansas, will speak on China's rapid industrialization & urbanization.  Held in conjunction with the exhibition, The Industrial Sublime.  

Movies at the Mulvane: Iris
October 6, 6 - 7:30pm
The Oscar award-winning film tells the story of the novelist Iris Murdoch's slide into Alzheimer's disease.  Discussion after the film with Cindy Miller, Dementia Care Specialist, Topeka Alzheimer's Association. Held in conjunction with the exhibition, Perspectives on Aging.

Mulvane's Animal Farm


Perspectives on Aging