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Cabinet of Curiosities: Sport

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Coach Steve Anson’s 500th win game ball, 1999

Steve Anson coached baseball at Washburn for thirty-five seasons, winning his 500th game against the University of Sioux Falls in 1999. Anson died in 2014 from a tree-trimming accident. According to former Ichabod and Cleveland Indian Jerad Head, Coach Anson “was about more than just baseball. He was a great man who made a lot of difference in a lot of people’s lives.”

Photograph of Washburn College’s football team, 1918

Glenn Millice’s football helmet and nose guard, 1905

In 1904 and 1905 upwards of twenty men and boys died playing football. In October 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt called for an end to excessive violence in the sport, and an intercollegiate conference issued new rules, including introduction of the forward pass. On Christmas Day, 1905, Washburn College and Fairmont College (now Wichita State) played to test the new rules, which were to go into effect in 1906. Washburn quarterback Hugh Hope threw a forward pass to halfback Glenn Millice, arguably the first such pass in the sport’s history.

Bradbury Thompson’s track shoes, c. 1931

In addition to editing the Kaw yearbook and designing several college annuals, Bradbury Thompson was also a member of Washburn’s track team from 1929-1934, breaking records in the 100-yard dash and the 220-yard event.

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