Washburn Strategic Plan

Subcommittee Final White Papers

Comments on White Papers

Subcommittee Presentations on White Papers

White Paper Format and Timeline

As part of the Strategic Planning process, five subcommittees of the Strategic Planning Committee were asked to develop “white papers” proposing strategic directions and initiatives for Washburn University. These white papers are based on their analysis of input received from the University and the broader community.

Each white paper is in the format of a specification of initiatives followed by an appendix providing justification for the initiatives. In general the format for the specification of an initiative is the statement of the strategic initiative followed by a brief paragraph summarizing why this is a strategic Initiative for a subcommittee. In most cases the specification is followed by specific strategies (i.e., what to do) to reach the goal.

The white papers were posted on the website from October 16-22 for review and comments. The comments received were reviewed and evaluated by each subcommittee and incorporated into the final set of white papers presented to the Strategic Planning Committee on November 9.

The Strategic Planning Council used these white papers to prepare the first draft Strategic Plan which was presented to the Board of Regents on December 4. Following the meeting, the Strategic Planning Council prepared a second draft of the Strategic Plan based on input from the Board. This second draft is now available for review and comments through January 22, 2010.