Ichabods In Depth

Published Oct. 24, 2012

Cake decorating challenge growing in number and intensity

Claire Crawford creates the planet Earth for the Dancing Blues’ cake.For more than an hour on Tuesday, the lower level of the Washburn University Memorial Union could have been mistaken for an episode of Cake Boss.

For the first time this year, all of the WU Chef aprons were spoken for as 10 teams decorated sheet cakes for a taste of homecoming glory.

Most teams arrived with a plan and supplies – from foam to fondant and icing piping tools. Delta Chi carved its cake into a rocket ship and football, just as they had sketched. Physical Therapy Association crafted a fondant Ichabod and incorporated fondant weights and a small tape measure to represent the tools of their trade. Zeta Tau Alpha fashioned an edible rocket, earth and moon creator. And the President’s Office’s and others showcased detailed icing piping skill.

The Dancing Blues’ team of Claire Crawford and Josie Price, both from Topeka, had talked through a plan, shopped together for supplies and practiced their technique in last year’s contest. But the duo was mostly interested in having fun.

Last year, “we took it more seriously than we needed to,” said Crawford, a social work major.

Their cake featured a foam sun in the middle, covered in yellow icing, and foam planets on Kebab sticks – Earth, Saturn, complete with rings, Venus, identifiable because it said “Go Blues!” and Mars, which read “Go Bods!”

“We take homecoming very seriously,” said Price, who is a music major. “It’s super fun and it’s a great way for our new members to get involved and see what Washburn is all about.”

The cakes will not be eaten. Instead, they all will be displayed at After Hours, from 5-7 p.m. Friday at the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center. The winners of the contest were Zeta Tau Alpha in third place, Student Media in second place and first place went to the President’s Office.