Overhead view of the Washburn campus

1Ichabod Statue

"Mr. Ichabod"

The "Mr. Ichabod" statue, by Mark Lundeen, is a life-sized (6'2") bronze of the Washburn mascot. The statue weighs about 600 pounds and was installed in 1995.  The first visual image of the Ichabod mascot was created in 1938 by then recent graduate Bradbury Thompson, who went on to become a famous graphic designer. Thompson's signature appears at the base of the statue because, Lundeen said at the time, "I don't really feel like the artist. This is really his gig."  Trivia: While the mascot isn't intended to be a likeness of early university benefactor and namesake, Ichabod Washburn (1798-1868), it was created to represent his ideals and both have mutton chops.

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