Academic Calendar Files

Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

(Last Updated 1 December 2017)

NOTE: Tuition refund deadlines for full semester courses are included in this Academic Calendar. Specific deadlines for tuition payments and refunds for short-term courses can be obtained from the menus available at the Business Office website. Withdrawal deadlines for short-term courses can be obtained from the University Registrar's website.


1 – 15 

  • Open Registration Continues

12 (Tues.)

  • Law School Orientation Begins (Entering Law Students)

16 (Sat.)

  • University Classes Begin

19 (Tues.)

  • Law Classes Begin (Returning Law Students)

22 (Fri.)

  • Last day to change from audit to graded or A/Pass/Fail status
  • Last day to enroll in a course without instructor's permission

29 (Fri.)

  • Payment deadline
  • Last day to set up payment plan
  • Last day to receive 100% tuition refund


5 (Fri.)            

  • Last day to change from graded or A/Pass/Fail to audit
  • Last day to file Application for Degree for Spring and Summer graduates
  • Last day to enroll
  • Last day to receive 40% tuition refund

12 (Fri.)

  • Last day to receive 20% tuition refund


8 (Mon.)

  • Spring Recess Begins

15 (Mon.)

  • Classes Resume

18 (Wed.)

  • Freshman Mid-Term Grades Due (10:00 a.m.)

23 (Tues.)

  • Advance Registration begins for Fall Semester (ends March 26)
  • Web withdrawal for spring semester ends. Student One Stop override/processing required until official last day to withdraw.

27 (Sat.)

  • Open Registration begins for Fall Semester (ends August 20)


2 (Fri.)

  • Deadline for Summer 2021 Reinstatement Petition submission to VPAA

9 (Fri.)

  • Last day to change grade status from A/Pass/Fail to graded, graded to A/Pass/Fail
  • Last day to withdraw

27 (Tues.)

  • Last Day of Class (Law Students)


1 (Sat.)

  • Final Exams Begin (Law Students)

3 (Mon.)

  • Success Week Begins

7 (Fri.)

  • Last Day of Classes

8 (Sat.)

  • Final examinations begin

14 (Fri.)

  • Final examinations end - All Students
  • End of semester

15 (Sat.)

  • School of Nursing Recognition Ceremony
  • School of Applied Studies Certificate Ceremony  

19 (Wed.)

  • Deadline for submission of grades (10:00 am)