15 to Finish

15 to Finish – 15 Days to Win

Countdown to Advance Registration
15 to Finish – 15 Days to Win October 24 through November 7

Fifteen daily drawings will take place in Mabee Library to register for a $100 textbook scholarship – one scholarship awarded for each of the 15 days leading up to advance registration, October 24 through November 7.
Tickets for the drawing are available every morning at Mabee Library’s welcome desk. Limit one entry per person per day.

All tickets are automatically entered into three drawings for a one-course tuition scholarship for Spring 2017 to be given away during the annual Registration Carnival, date TBA. Students must be present to win at all events and the ticket to the Registration Carnival is a student’s spring schedule.

Countdown Schedule – Drawings in Mabee Library
Monday, Oct. 24          12pm – Free Pizza! 
Tuesday, Oct. 25           4pm
Wednesday, Oct 26       7pm     
Thursday, Oct 27         12pm   
Friday, Oct 28                9am     
Saturday, Oct 29          12pm   
Sunday, Oct 30              7pm      
Monday, Oct 31              4pm      
 Tuesday, Nov 1           12pm
Wednesday, Nov 2         4pm
Thursday, Nov 3             9am
Friday, Nov 4                12pm
Saturday, Nov 5            12pm
Sunday, Nov 6                7pm
Monday, Nov 7              12pm – Free Pizza!