Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Application Deadline

February 1st to be considered for the following fall class.

Contact us

If you have questions about this website or need additional information about Diagnostic Medical Sonography, contact the Allied Health Department at 785-670-2176.

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DMS Application

**The new 2016 application is now available!  Please click the following link for access. 

2016 DMS Program Application Packet

  • Applications may be submitted between September 1 – February 1 every year.
  • Applications must be mailed in a manila type package (no folding or stapling of application *exception-transcripts may be included in the manila envelope "as is" from the sending institution)
  • No applications are held over year to year
  • No applications will be returned to the applicant

Student Selection 

  1. A prospective student must meet the criteria laid out in “Program Admission Requirements”
  2. A prospective student must be deemed eligible by the Program Director
  3. A prospective student’s references, background check, and other application components must be deemed satisfactory by the Program Director and Clinical Coordinator
  4. There must be a signed Affiliation Agreement in place for the prospective student to ensure clinical placement