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Dr. Diane McMillen

Diane McMillen

Dr. Diane McMillen is a Professor. She has been teaching in Human Services for 30 years. Diane started her teaching career at Ottawa University (Ottawa, Kansas) where she developed the Human Services program and taught for 11 years. She began teaching at Washburn in the fall of 1990 and has been there the last 19 years. If you were to ask her about the last 27 years, she would say, "Teaching is the greatest job I have ever had, I never thought working for a living would be so rewarding!" She earned her Ph.D. in Social Work from Kansas University in 1998, where she conducted research in the area of prevention, especially related to the idea of linking social services to schools. Her dissertation focused on enhancing services for children and their families. She has served on the board for the National Organization of Human Services for seven years and currently functions as the national membership chair. She remains actively involved in various community service and community development projects. In the last few years she has been consulting at a girls' group home where she meets monthly with the staff. Most recently she has enjoyed a sabbatical of seven months to do research on a new method of prevention known as Health Realization. She traveled across the United States and visiting a variety of programs that use this approach in their work with people and are seeing remarkable results. She has offered a course in Advanced Prevention/Health Realization as part of the Human Service curriculum, which she has dearly enjoyed teaching and has been well received by the students. Please feel free to contact her by e-mail at diane.mcmillen@washburn.edu or by phone at (785) 670-1774.