Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


Dr. Brian Ogawa, D.Min.

Professor & Chair

(785) 670-2215

E-mail:  brian.ogawa@washburn.edu

Benton Hall, Room 311-B


Dr. Deborah Altus ,Ph.D., LCAC 


Coordinator, Bachelor of Applied Science,

Addiction Counseling Area of Emphasis

(785) 670-1951

E-mail:  deborah.altus@washburn.edu 

Benton Hall, Room 311-D


Dr. Diane McMillen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(785) 670-1774

E-mail:  diane.mcmillen@washburn.edu  

Benton Hall, Room 311-C


Dr. Kayla Waters ,Ph.D., Lic. Psych. (MO and KS)

Assistant Professor

(785) 670-2107

E-mail:  kayla.waters@washburn.edu 

Benton Hall, Room 311-E


Dr. Iris Wilkinson ,Ed.D., LCAC

Associate Professor

Coordinator, Master of Arts,

Addiction Counseling Area of Emphasis

(785) 670-1536

E-mail:  iris.wilkinson@washburn.edu

Benton Hall, Room 311-A


Administrators with Faculty Standing in Human Services:


Dr. Richard Ellis, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Center for Community Services

(785) 670-2117

E-mail: rick.ellis@washburn.edu  

Benton Hall, Room 404



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