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The mission of the Washburn University Department of Art is to provide students with a strong foundation based on mastering basic concepts of art, design, art history and criticism, as well as learning the technical skills necessary to make art in a changing world.  Upon graduation, art students will understand the role of visual arts in expressing human emotions and needs in historical and contemporary life, as well as the power of artistic creation in its many forms.

The Art Department serves those intending to prepare for a profession in the Visual Arts (B.F.A. degrees), those students seeking a Liberal Arts education focused in the visual arts (B.A. degrees), as well as non-majors who seek knowledge of the visual arts. Studio and art history courses are open to anyone with proper prerequisites. The Washburn University Art Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

General Education courses in Art

  • AR 103 Introduction to Art
  • AR 101 Survey of Art History I
  • AR 102 Survey of Art History II
  • AR 120 Design I
  • AR 140 Drawing I
  • AR 141 Drawing II
  • AR 260 Ceramics I
  • AR 301 Ancient Art
  • AR 306 Early Modern Art
  • AR 307 Twentieth Century Art
  • AR 309 Arts of Africa
  • AR 310 Arts of Asia

Over 60 audit students are welcome as space allows. Note: A studio fee is applied to those enrolled in Ceramics courses and Glass courses.



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