The Photography Studio is located in AB 216 including a darkroom and lighting studio.

 Studio facilities and equipment:

Cameras for student checkout: 

  • 16 Vivitar film cameras
  • 20 Flip video cameras
  • 10 Canon Digital SLR Cameras
  • Pentax 645 film camera and lenses
  • 4   4x5 Cadet Film Camera kits (film-holders, focuser, tripod, light meter,  hood, etc.)
  • Tripods, lenses, filters, etc.


  • Mediated Classroom:  Digital Projector and computer system
  • 5 Macintosh Computers, 1 Epson Scanner, 1 HP Printer for digital negatives (13x19)
  • 3’x3’ light table
  • Water temperature control and filtration unit
  • Patterson plastic tanks and reels for 35mm - 8x10 negatives; plastic trays; print washers
  • 1 Delta 1 film dryer, 2 Premier print dryers, 2 Daylabs
  • Silver-recovery system
  • All chemicals provided except for D-76 film developer (includes toners, hand coloring supplies)


  • 18  4550XL Sanders/Omega LPL enlargers (35mm, 6x6, 4x5), Grablab digital timers
  • 1 Elwood 5x7 enlarger
  • 1 Zone VI  8x10  enlarger
  • 8’x4’ professional grade stainless steel darkroom sink with In-sink industrial exhaust system
  • 3 foot revolving darkroom door
  • Mural Trays for mural printing

Lighting Studio: (also used by Basic Digital Media, Basic Multimedia, Animation, Video Game, Inter-active Video; available for students to photograph artwork)

  • 3-roll  ceiling-hung  Rolleasy Backdrop  System
  • 6 Alien Bee Paul C. Buff strobe lights
  • 6 continuous studio lights
  • 4  Cybersynk triggered receiver and transmitter sets
  • 7 Sekonic  light meters
  • Soft-boxes, umbrellas, grids, barn doors, colored gels and holders, cone reflectors
  • 10 light stands, 2 booms, 2 product tents
  • Permanent table-top set up with continuous lights for 3-D art work
  • Green screen, green  floor, curved corner setup

Alternative Process Room: ( taught in 112 Design Room)

  • 2 UV light boxes (up to 16x20”)
  • 1 extended UV light table 4’x8’
  • Contact printers
  • Chemicals are supplied

Studio classes offered:

  • Beginning Darkroom Photography I   (film)
  • Darkroom Photography 2  (film)
  • Advanced Photographic Techniques 1  and 2 (film, Holga, medium format, 4x5 large format)
  • Documentary Photography 1 and 2 (digital)
  • Professional Studio Lighting (digital)
  • Non-Silver Historic Processes 1 and 2  (hybrid: film/digital/hands on) (taught in Room 112)
  • Experimental Photography (hybrid)
  • Special Topics on occasion:  Advanced Digital, Photo & Printmaking, Retro Camera Seminar
  • (Basic Photo Imaging: taught in the Foundations area; students are encouraged to purchase personal digital cameras and laptops as part of their college equipment.)



Green screen

Depth of Field technical assignment

Travis Garwood Sr. Show