Lower Division Course Rotation Schedule

Biology offers a good number of lower division (100 and 200-level) courses, including introductory biology courses, general education courses and those that support a number of other degree programs on campus within the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Applied Studies and School of Nursing. 

Below is a table of our course offerings and when they are offered so that students may plan their course schedules. Courses indicated by asterisks may be used to satisfy the  general education course requirements within the Natural Sciences.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Semesters Taught
BI 100* Introduction to Biology 3 Fall, Spring, Summer
BI 101* Introduction to Biology Laboratory 2 Fall, Spring, Summer
BI 102* General Cellular Biology 5 Fall, Spring
BI 103 General Organismal Biology 5 Fall, Spring
BI 140* Introduction to Forensic Biology 3 Variable, and Online
BI 150* Evolution 3 Spring, Some Summers
BI 155 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1 Spring (8-week course)
BI 180 Special Topics 1-3 Variable
BI 202* Biology of Behavior 3 Fall, Spring, Some Summers and Online
BI 203* Human Impact on the Environment 3 Fall, Spring, Summer and Online
BI 206 Introduction to Microbiology 4 Fall, Spring, Summer
BI 230 Introduction to Human Physiology 3 Fall, Spring
BI 234 Introduction to Biotechnology 3 Spring
BI 250 Introduction to Human Anatomy 3 Fall, Spring
BI 255 Human Physiology 4 Fall, Spring, Summer
BI 260 Biology of Aging 3 Spring, and Online
BI 275 Human Anatomy 4 Fall, Spring, Summer
BI 280 Special Topics 1-3 Variable

* General Education Course
Note: This schedule may change due to faculty availability.
Last updated: 29 September 2016