Past Featured Faculty

Dr. Matt Arterburn

 - Featured Faculty Member

Joined Department: 2006

Studies: Crop Genetics and Cytology

Courses: Introductory Biology, General Cellular Biology, Genetics, Immunology

Birthplace: Norman, OK

Hometown: Everywhere - I was a military kid

Undergrad College: George Mason University

Favorite Food: Curry

Favorite Activity: Wine-tasting

Favorite Movie: The Lion In Winter

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Thing About Washburn: We have high standards and students who exceed them

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite color: Green

If I was not a professor, I would: make movies

One piece of advice that students should know: Because you spend 1/3 of every day at work, make sure that your job is something that excites you. Otherwise that’s a lot of time to spend being bored!

Color photo of north face of Stoffer Science Hall in autumn

Color photo of Dr. Matt Arterburn after finishing a 1/2 marathon in Oregon