Pre-Medicine Requirements for Biology Majors

The following pre-medicine requirements [link to .pdf file of pre-med requirements] and recommendations are for the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine (KUMC) for students majoring in Biology at Washburn University.  Other schools require essentially the same courses, but inquiry should be made by the junior year to ensure compliance.

Biology (1 year with lab)
BI 102 Gen. Cell. Biology (5)
BI 110 General Zoology (4)
General Chemistry (1 year with lab)
CH 151 Fund. of Chemistry I (5)
CH 152 Fund. of Chemistry II (5)
Organic Chemistry (1 year with lab)
CH 340 Organic Chemistry I (3)
CH 342 Organic Chemistry I Lab (2)
CH 341 Organic Chemistry II (3)
CH 343 Organic Chemistry II Lab (2)
Physics (1 year with lab)
PS 261 College Physics I (5) AND 
PS 262 College Physics II (5)
  [Alg./Trig.-based physics]
PS 281 General Physics I (5) AND 
PS 282 General Physics II (5)
  [Calculus-based physics]
MA 140 Statistics (3) OR 
MA 151 Calculus I (5) OR
CM 110 and CM 212 Comp. Sci.
HIGHLY Recommended Courses:
BI 255 Human Physiology (4)  OR 
BI 330 Animal Physiology (4) [preferred]
BI 275 Human Anatomy (4)
BI 301 General Microbiology (4)
BI 333 General Genetics (4)
BI 353 Molecular Genetics (3)
BI 355 Developmental Biology (5)
BI 357 Histology (4)
BI 362 Immunology (3)
CH 350 Biochemistry I (3)

Applicants to medical school are also expected to possess a general understanding of health care and medicine based upon employment, shadowing or volunteer experiences.  Joining a student organization early in a student’s academic career, such as AMSA, may help provide opportunities for shadowing and volunteering.

The MCAT is required of all applicants, generally taken following the junior year, and it must have been taken within the last three years.  Applicants should have completed a curriculum leading to a baccalaureate degree that will be conferred prior to the planned date of enrollment in medical school.

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Color photo of Washburn Biology Alumni at 2011 KUMC White Coat Ceremony

Photo of Washburn University alumni at the 2011 White Coat Ceremony at KUMC for first-year medical students. (L to R): Johnathon Blake (bs '10 athletic training), Ben Cullan (bs '11 biology), Danielle Horton (bs '11 biology), Hong Nguyen (bs '11 biology), Lilly Varner (bs '10 biology).