Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (ACS Certified)

The B.S. degree in Chemistry (certified by the American Chemical Society) is obtained by students who are primarily interested in pursuing chemistry as a profession (entering work force or graduate study).

Degree Requirements and Suggested Schedule for B.S. in Chemistry (ACS Certified) (pdf)


University requirements and a minimum of 46 hours in the major including the following courses:

Course Number 

Course Title 

Credit Hours

CH 151  Fundamentals of Chemistry I  5
CH 152  Fundamentals of Chemistry II  5
CH 320  Analytical Chemistry  3
CH 321  Analytical Chemistry Laboratory  1
CH 340  Organic Chemistry I  3
CH 341  Organic Chemistry II  3
CH 342  Organic Chemistry Laboratory I  2
CH 343  Organic Chemistry Laboratory II  2
CH 345  Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory  2
CH 346  Instrumental Analysis  2
CH 350  Biochemistry I  3
CH 362  Spectroscopy  2
CH 381  Physical Chemistry I  3
CH 382  Physical Chemistry II  3
CH 385  Physical Chemistry Laboratory  1
CH 386  Inorganic Chemistry  3
CH 390  Chemical Research  2
CH 391  Chemistry Seminar  1
Oral presentation of CH 390 research results.
Required research completed prior to the semester of graduation.
Presentation of portfolio of instrumentation results prior to the semester of graduation.

Required correlated courses

MA 151  Calculus and Analytic Geometry I  5
MA 152  Calculus and Analytic Geometry II  5
PS 281  General Physics I  5
PS 282  General Physics II  5
At least 3 credit hours of a computer programming language