Interested in Doing Research in Chemistry?

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Research Project Selection FormUndergraduate Chemical Research (CH390) syllabus

Research in Chemistry

Student research projects are available in the major areas of chemistry:

Analytical Chemistry

  • Separation science-capillary electrophoresis (CE), HPLC, GC
  • Capillary coatings for separation of proteins and amino acids and other biologically important molecules using capillary electrophoresis
  • Nanoparticle enhanced capillary electrophoresis (NPECE)
  • Environmental chemistry-analysis of pollutants in water and soil samples (for example heavy metal ions)


  • ribosome assembly
  • RNA helicases
  • enzyme kinetics
  • protein structure analysis
  • proteomics research
  • LCMS analysis of ragweed proteins
Dr. Janice Barton's web page

Inorganic Chemistry

  • coordination chemistry
  • synthesis of tetraazamacrocycles
  • synthesis of novel coordination complexes
  • NMR analysis of simple cobalt(III) complexes
Dr. Shaun Schmidt's web page

Organic Chemistry

  • organic synthesis
  • synthesis of biologically significant tetrapyrroles
  • structural organic analysis by FTIR and FTNMR spectroscopy

Physical Chemistry

  • nanosecond kinetic processes
  • laser technology applied to dynamic processes
  • computational chemistry
  • molecular modeling
  • forensic chemistry using FTIR spectroscopy