Nall Speak Off

Fall 2017 Nall Speak Off Results

Fall 2017 Nall Speak Off Finalists

Each semester, the top 1-3 speakers are selected from each Washburn University public speaking course to represent their respective classes in this competition. This semester's participants were:

Austin Heath, Linhui Huang, Kiana Hernandez, Trevor Cullen, Jossie Hicks , Reem Alanzi, Caylee Lind, Thomas Pope, Grace-Marie Tucking, Aaron Lytle, Ahmed Alanazi, Tite Munganga, Shuyu Tu, Nicholas (Niko) Sims, Mindy McKinley, Kelly Lemke, Jesus Ramirez, Su Peng

Finalists for this semester's competition are listed below in their respective order of placing and with their respective topics: 

Jossie Hicks- "Star Trek"

Niko Sims- "Jelly Fish” 

Tite Manganga- "Culture Shock"

Austin Heath- "Personal Drones"

Aaron Lytle- “Left Handed People"

Kelly Lemke- "Caffeine”