Communication Overview

Communication Overview

The Communication Department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Communication. The need for effective communication skills is great in today's competitive market. The faculty is available to assist you in your career and academic choices.

The Curriculum

The Department of Communication's curriculum is designed to develop the student both academically and professionally. Students will acquire oral and written communication skills that enhance their career goals and also prepare them for advanced degrees in the discipline. 

Mission Statement 

The Washburn University Communication Department exists to advance the intellectual growth of majors, minors, and general education students.

Students develop:

  • Marketable skills for the 21st century
  • Critical thinking skills in written, oral and nonverbal communication
  • Enrichment of their personal, professional and public (citizenship) lives
  • Ethical communication practices
  • Understanding of specific sub-disciplines within Communication Studies
  • Abilities to effectively resolve communication challenges by applying theory and research
  • Foundations for graduate school and lifelong learning strategies

 Faculty foster students’ progress by:

  • Teaching and mentoring students through student-centered instruction
  • Coaching competitive academic teams
  • Sponsoring student clubs and organizations
  • Engaging in collaboration, research, and professional development