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Mass Media Degree

Mass Media Degree

The Mass Media curriculum provides Washburn students with a rich diversity of media studies in the areas of Creative Advertising, Film and Video, PublicRelations, and contemporary Journalism. The courses within these areas prepare students for careers in the applied media professions and graduate studies. The Mass Media program emphasizes multimedia skills necessary for students to pursue opportunities in traditional as well as new media industries, including independent entrepreneurial enterprises. The major and minor can be selected in combination with other majors offered in the College of Arts and Sciences and other Schools within the University.

Basic Advising Information for all students

The Major

Majors must complete a total of 40 hours. This includes a variety of core course requirements, courses in a selected area of emphasis, and elective offerings chosen in consultation with an advisor. All majors must also complete CN 150 Public Speaking as part of their general education requirements.

All majors must complete a 15-22/hour minor. Upon completion of the minor the student must fill out the minor form and have it signed by the department conferring the minor.

The Minor

The minor in Mass Media consists of 18 credit hours. Students must complete MM 100, 199, and one of the following courses: MM 203, MM 202, or MM 212 and an additional 9 hours selected in consultation with a media advisor. A minor can be developed in creative advertising, film and video, public relations, contemporary journalism or a combination of these areas.

The minor in Film and Video: For students who are interested in a special minor in Film and Video, there is an option of taking 21 hours and completing all courses in the Film and Video sequence: MM 100, MM 212, MM 302, MM 312, MM350, MM 405 and MM414. Students interested in this option should visit with a Mass Media adviser.

The Minor in Applied Media allows students to learn the skills of writing, planning and designing that go into managing media campaigns, both on traditional channels and on social media channels. This minor will benefit students in many fields who find their careers require them to deal with the media, make decisions about public relations and advertising messages, and to have both technical and content knowledge of social media opportunities.

Students will complete 18 credit hours, including MM100, MM 199, MM 202, MM 321, and an additional 6 hours selected in consultation with a media advisor.

Departmental Honors

To graduate with honors from the Department of Mass Media, a student must: 

  • Students wishing to pursue honors in Mass Media will be required to have a 3.2 overall grade point average and 3.5 grade point average in Mass Media. You must also earn an A in the capstone course and an A in the digital portfolio portion of the course. This includes a public presentation of your portfolio.