Contemporary Journalism

Mass Media Degree

Contemporary Journalism

Contemporary JournalismThe Contemporary Journalism emphasis prepares students who seek careers as writers, reporters, editors and designers, with newspapers, magazines, electronic entities, and web publishers. The curriculum emphasizes writing, reporting, editing, designing, producing and managing for print, audio, video and web. 


MM 100 Introduction to Mass Media (3)
MM 199 Media Bootcamp (3)
MM 202 Creative Media Writing
MM 300 Mass Media Law (3)
MM 321 Visual Communication (3)
MM 400 Media Literacy (3)
MM 403 Advanced Reporting (3)
MM 409 Electronic Journalism (3)
MM 422 Editing (3)
MM 431 Creative Media Practicum (3)
MM 494 Internship (2)
MM 499 Career Development & Digital Portfolio (2)
Department Electives (6)
Total Hours = 40

Careers in Contemporary Journalism:  

Students with a degree in Contemporary Journalism can choose to pursue the following careers: Editor, Newscaster, News Analyst, Program Director or Reporting, to name a few.