Mass Media Degree

Film and Video

Close up image of camera lense

The Film and video emphasis will provide students with an opportunity for developing contemporary forms of the narrative, documentary and newer expanded media genres for a variety of distribution outlets. The sequence is designed specifically to instruct students in the use of new digital technologies for the web, broadcast media, film narratives, and experimental or documentary applications. 

Recommended Minor  

Anthropology, Art, Computer Science, English, History, Music, Political Science, Sociology or Theater


MM 100 Introduction to Mass Media (3)
MM 199 Media Bootcamp (3)
MM 222 Cinematic Storytelling (3)
MM 400 Media Literacy (3)
MM 300 Media Law (3)
MM 312 Digital Cinematography (3)
MM 350 Film Editing and Theory (3)
MM 372 Digital Filmmaking I
MM 405 The Documentary Film (3)
MM 414 Digital Filmmaking II (3)
MM 499 Career Development & Digital Portfolio (2)
MM 494 Internship (2)
Department Electives (6)
Total Hours = 40

Careers in Film and Video

Student career paths in Film and Video are many,  but may include some of the following:  Independent Filmmaker,  Cinematographer,  Film or Video Editor,  Screenwriter,  Production Manager, Web Video Producer, Corporate Multi-Media Manager, Sound Designer, to name a few.