MFL Programs

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Programs Offered Through the Modern Languages Department

French, German, or Spanish Majors & Minors are possible through the Modern Languages department - click on the menu links to the left to learn about specific program offerings. 

Click the "Additional Languages and Minors" menu link to learn about our offerings in Chinese, Japanese, and Latin, as well as our teaching certification program, and our minors in International Studies, International Business, and Latino Studies.

Requirements for a B.A. in a Foreign Language

Students who plan to major in a foreign language are encouraged to begin their language studies as soon as they enter Washburn University, and should continue to enroll in at least one language course each semester until graduation. Learning a foreign language is a cumulative process and any period of time away from the language is highly detrimental to developing and maintaining necessary skills in the language.

General Education Requirements: 35 Credit Hours (See list of acceptable courses in the university catalog.)

University Requirements (11 Credit Hours)

  • EN101  Freshman Composition (3 hours)
  • EN300  Junior Composition (3 hours)
  • PE198  Lifetime Wellness (2 hours)                    
  • MA110  Exploring Mathematics OR MA 116 College Algebra (3 credit hours with “C” or better)

General Education:  See University Catalog for specific details

  • 15 credit hours in Arts and Humanities with minimum of 3 credit hours in Art, Music or Theater
  • 12 credit hours in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • 15 credit hours in Social Sciences

WTE:  See below, and also in the University Catalog for details.  For language majors, a study abroad experience can fulfill the WTE requirement.

In order to major in a foreign language, a student must complete 30 hours of coursework beyond the 100 level.  101 classes will count as part of the total number of hours needed for graduation; 102 fulfills a General Education requirement in the Humanities.  The following courses are required:

  • FR/GE/SP 311 - Grammar Review
  • FR/GE/SP 312 - FR/GE/SP Composition
  • FR/GE/SP 331 - Introduction to FR/GE/SP Literature
  • FR/GE/SP 400 - Senior Thesis (includes portfolio submission, see below)

+3 hours of upper division coursework must be completed (300 level +)

+9 hours of Correlated Courses must also be completed -- These courses are intended to complement and broaden your language classes.  They are selected in consultation with your advisor.  A suggested list is available in the Modern Languages office (MO375).

All coursework for the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Portfolio:  All language majors are required to present a portfolio after the 202 level course. They are then required to keep updating their portfolio which is turned in as part of their grade in FR 400 course before graduation. This has the advantage of giving the department an initial assessment as well as an outcome assessment.

Study Abroad Option: Some of the hours required to complete the major can be earned through the study abroad program.  The department strongly recommends study for a period of time in a country where the foreign language is spoken as a component of the student’s preparation for the major. We offer summer, semester, or year-long programs.  Substantial scholarships for study abroad are available each year from the department and the International Education Committee.  Deadline for scholarship application is February 15th of each year.