Faculty & Staff


Ensemble Directors

Dr. Kevin Kellim, Choral Ensembles

Dr. Christopher Kelts, Director of Orchestras

Dr. Rebecca Meador, Flute Ensemble

Dr. Tom Morgan, Percussion Ensemble, Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Dr. Michael Mapp, Director of Bands

Dr. Andrea Garritano, Washburn Opera Studio

Dr. Craig Treinen, Director of Jazz Studies

Music Education

Dr. Catherine Hunt, Director of Music Education, General/Vocal

Dr. Craig Treinen, Instrumental


Dr. Michael Averett, Director of Brass Studies, Trumpet

Jason Tacker, Tuba, Euphonium

Matthew Haislip, Horn

Karen Ballard, Trombone


Dr. Shiao-Li Ding, Piano, Director of Keyboard Studies

Dr. Mary Jo Pembrook, Piano

Julie Rivers, Piano

Cynthia Strait, Group Piano, Staff Accompanist

Patricia Gibson, Staff Accompanist

Dr. Cynthia Neufeld Smith, Staff Accompanist, organ

Kathleen Rich, Staff Accompanist


Dr. Tom Morgan, Director of Percussion Studies

Jason Degenhardt, Marching Percussion Ensemble

Stacey Harry, Flag Corps


Dr. Christopher Kelts, Viola

Gordon Lewis, Bass

Erinn Renyer, Cello, Director of String Studies

Tabitha Riest-Steiner, Harp

Dr. Yu-Fang Chen, Violin


Dr. Catherine Hunt, Voice

Dr. Kevin Kellim, Voice

Dr. Ann Marie Snook, Voice 

Dr. Lee Snook, Chair of the Vocal Division, Voice

Dr. Andrea Garritano, Voice

Todd Staerkel, Voice


Dr. Rebecca Meador, Flute, Director of Woodwind Studies

Dr. Karen Benda, Clarinet

Leigh Munoz, Bassoon

Dr. Craig Treinen, Saxophone

Brett Jackson, Saxophone

Dr. Katherine Woolsey, Oboe

Theory and Composition

Dr. Gordon McQuere, Music Theory, Composition, Form and Analysis

Dr. Rebecca Meador, Music Theory 

Dr. Tom Morgan, Rhythmic Perception, Composition

Music History

Kelly Huff, Music History

Dr. Tom Morgan, Jazz History


Dr. Ann Marie Snook, Music Department Chair

Administrative Staff

Brad Merryman

Technical Director

Lyle Waring



Orchestra practicing in the pit

Boy and girl playing violins