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Student Learning Outcomes

Political Science Student Learning Outcomes

Political Science students at Washburn University, upon graduation, are expected to have acquired knowledge of four of the following five subfields:

  • the political institutions and processes of the governments of the United States;
  • international political issues, significant international organizations, and the world political economy;
  • the ideas, concepts, and principles associated with political philosophers deemed by the discipline as being most significant to the dub- field of Political Theory;
  • the field of comparative political institutions and political processes;
  • the field of public administration, its processes, and the general principles of and problems of complex public organizations.

 In addition, all majors in the discipline should be able to interpret the meaning and significance of political data.

Public Administration Student Learning Outcomes

Public Administration Students at Washburn University, upon graduation, are expected to have acquired basic knowledge in the following subfields:

  • the interaction between politics and policy which makes administration necessary and defines its tasks;
  • the theories, principles, and problems of complex organizations;
  • the theories and practice of management;
  • the theories and concepts of organization staffing;
  • the means and methods by which governments raise, appropriate, expend, and account for funds; and
  • the limits of bureaucratic power under a constitutional, democratic government.