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Psychology is a compelling and fascinating field of study. Psychological science attempts to understand the biological, psychological and sociocultural influences on how we think, feel and act. 

Why Major in Psychology at Washburn?

It is now possible to earn your BA in Psychology entirely online. In fact, our online BA program has already been recognized for excellence by the Community for Accredited Online Schools: Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology

You will develop personal relationships with faculty and fellow students because of small class sizes.  The Psychology Department offers numerous opportunities for conducting research and completing internships.  Many of our students get to present their research at regional and national conferences.  

Enhance your educational experience by participating in a Washburn Transformational Experience, which allows you to take what you are passionate and transfer it to a leadership role, a study abroad experience, a community service opportunity, or a scholarly or creative endeavor.

At Washburn, we believe that students with a scientific understanding of behavior will be well prepared to help others and participate as productive, informed members of a democratic society.

Psychology Department By the Numbers

More than 650 students enroll in Basic Concepts in Psychology every year

More than 200 undergraduates have declared psychology as their major 

More than 70% of Washburn psychology majors are women

More than 20% of Washburn psychology majors enter graduate or professional school

Kelsey Rose

“The Psychology Department really wants you to succeed and I see that in all of the professors that I have worked with; they are always making sure that you are both understanding the course that they are teaching you, but also how they can prepare you for the future. I think they just really take that extra time to make sure that they are helping you get where you want to go.” -Kelsey Rose, Psychology Major, Graduated Spring 2015

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