Sociology / Anthropology


Dr. Childers

Chair, Cheryl D. Childers, Ph.D. Texas Woman's University (1996), is Associate Professor of Sociology. Her research focuses on race/class/gender issues in education, work, health, and disasters, popular culture, and race relations. She teaches courses on social inequality, race/ethnic group relations, research methods, sociology of disasters, organization, social movements, and aging.

Office: HC 218A
Phone: (785) 670-2103

Dr. Blank

Sharla Blank, Ph.D. University of California at San Diego (2005), is Associate Professor of Anthropology. Her research areas include female heads of household and parenting in the Caribbean, gender relations, gossip, and social support networks. She teaches on cultural anthropology, Caribbean studies, gender, qualitative methods, psychological anthropology, childhood, and sexuality.

Office: HC 218C
Phone: (785) 670-2104

Dr. Decker

Stephanie Decker, Ph.D. University of Kansas (2012), is Assistant Professor of Sociology. Her research focuses on deviance, social control, social movements, and public confessions. Her teaching includes criminology, deviance, sociology of law, corrections, drug and society, and organized crime.

Office: HC 218H
Phone: (785) 670-1610

Dr. KP

Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, Ph .D.  University of Minnesota, is lecturer of Sociology/Anthropology. Her research areas include gender, postsocialism, Czech Republic, Europe, knowledge production, European Union, and feminism. She teaches courses on cultural anthropology, introduction to sociology, and history and theory in anthropology.

Office: HC 214A
Phone: (785) 670-1781

Dr. Park

Sangyoub Park, Ph.D. University of South Carolina at Columbia (2006), is Associate Professor of Sociology. His research focuses on social capital/social networks, demographic trends, generations, social tolerance, East Asia, and quantitative research methods. His teaching includes social demography, the family, social class, sociology of East Asia, sociolgy through film, research methods, and social statistics.  

Office: HC 218D
Phone: (785) 670-1612

Dr. Paul

John Paul, Ph.D. Oklahoma State University (2003) and MFA Goddard College (2009), is Professor of Sociology, jointly appointed with the Department of Art. His research interests include deviance in society, religion and popular culture, and sociology of art/music. He teaches courses on deviance, religion, sociology of sport, research methods, and art. 

Office: HC 218B
Phone: (785) 670-1609

Dr. Sundal

Mary Sundal, Ph.D. University of Kansas (2009), is Assistant Professor of Anthropology. She conducts research in the areas of medical anthropology, African studies, maternal caretaking strategies, child health, and migration. She teaches on cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, peoples & cultures of Africa, culture, health & illness, religion, forensic anthropology, and magic & witchcraft.

Office: HC 218G
Phone:(785) 670-1613

Dr. Wood

Margaret Wood, Ph.D. Syracuse University, is Professor of Anthropology. Her research interests include historical archaeology, landscape analysis, labor history, ethnicity, gender, nationalism, and class. She teaches courses on iintroduction to archaeology, historical archaeology, physical anthropology cultural anthropology, visual anthropology, Mesoamerican archaeology.

Office: HC 218E
Phone: (785) 670-1611