CAS Impact Projects

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Make a difference.

Have an impact.

The Washburn University Foundation has launched Impact, a crowd-sourcing, online platform to support projects which will enhance the educational experience of Washburn students. Check out the following projects and see how you can best support our CAS students!

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling: Kansas Stories for the 21st Century

Supporting this project will allow students to research and create digital stories and archive them, giving students experience in digital storytelling.

Jazz Recording

Jazz Orchestra Recording: Kansas Big Band Music

Give our jazz orchestra the experience of professionally recording music, showcasing their individual talents and their accomplishments as an ensemble.


Beyond Excavation: Digging into the Science

Help purchase laboratory equipment that will allow students to research, analyze and interpret remains found in archaeological excavations.

iPads for Math Department

iPads for the Classroom: Connectivity Counts

Your support will connect our math students with the latest in active learning techniques to understand the most advanced mathematical and statistical concepts.