Future BBA Students

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The entrepreneurship and innovation concentration exposes students to innovative curriculum and experiential learning that is not simply limited to start-up businesses, but helps students be more creative and innovative in whatever endeavors they undertake. By taking the required courses, students will imitate the entrepreneurial process, beginning with idea generations, developing marketing and financial plans for start-up ventures, and have the opportunity to launch their idea in the capstone course Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Theses entrepreneurship principles can be applied in the context of new venture, in a small or large existing organization, or in a for-profit or non-profit setting.

EI Program

Learning objectives for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation concentration:

  • Identify, describe, and/or explain the concepts and methods associated with innovation, entrepreneurship and small business;
  • Recognize and assess the potential of opportunities prior to beginning and completing a business plan;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of creativity and innovation in the entrepreneurship process, and how these elements can be utilized in an organizational setting;
  • Prepare a business plan and analyze markets;
  • Participate effectively in a team, coordinate research activities and integrate information into a well-blended business strategy;
  • Demonstrate knowledge to start and manage a business of their own.

The following courses are required for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation concentration:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity (BU343)
  • Entrepreneurship Marketing (BU369)
  • Entrepreneurship Finance for Small Business (BU389)
  • Entrepreneurship Clinic (BU470)

Twelve additional upper-division elective hours in accounting, business, or economics

Freshman and students new to the School of Business should visit with Stacy Woltje initially for help in determining their degree track. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors may choose a faculty member advisor.

Model Program Guide:

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