Master of Business Administration

MBA Program Closure Experience

The Washburn MBA closure experience takes place in the capstone course, BU 659 Strategic Analysis.  The course focuses on strategic decision making within a simulated business environment.  Students are required to produce both written and oral presentations utilizing the content of their prior MBA course work to explain the strategic decisions made throughout the simulation.  

Major Field Test for Master of Business Administration (MFT-MBA)

The MFT-MBA exam is a standardized exam taken by over 300 schools that offer the MBA degree.  The exam is used to provide information to both the MBA faculty and students on their level of academic achievement relative to the other MBA degree granting schools that participate in the MFT-MBA exam.

Reflective Essay

The reflective essay is a response to a series of questions in which you’ll be asked to evaluate and explain how well you achieved each of the MBA program’s goals. All students are asked to complete the essay during finals week of the graduating semester.

Use of Reflective Essays

The MBA Director will aggregate the reflective essays and report these results to the MBA faculty.  The director and faculty use these results to assess the effectiveness of the MBA curriculum.