Master of Business Administration

MBA Program Curriculum

Washburn MBA curriculum will enhance your skill in the areas of communication, quantitative analysis, computer technology and teamwork along with accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing, legal and ethical issues and production and operations in the context of domestic and global environments of business.

If you don’t have a business degree or related coursework you will

  • Take at most 57 semester hours (19 courses). Of those, 27 semester hours are required foundational courses and 30 semester hours are upper-level required and elective courses.
  • Demonstrate basic competence in business use of spreadsheet software, either through coursework or self-study.
  • Pass college algebra (MA 116 at Washburn). It is a prerequisite for admission to the MBA program.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in a business field

  • Your degree will be recognized as proof of competency in quantitative methods and the core areas of business.
  • You will be required to take 30 semester hours of upper-level required and elective MBA coursework.

All students

If you’re planning to take classes before applying to the MBA program, work with an MBA advisor to make sure those courses will satisfy requirements. An advisor works with all students to determine what foundational course work will be necessary.

Foundation-level Courses (all required)

BU 250 Management Information Systems
BU 522 Quantitative Methods I
BU 523 Quantitative Methods II
AC 524 Accounting Concepts
EC 525 Economic Environment
BU 526 Survey of Finance
BU 527 Marketing Concepts
BU 528 Production and Operations Systems
BU 529 Human Behaviors in Organizations

Required Upper-level Courses

EC 652 Managerial Economics
AC 654 Management Accounting Analysis
BU 655 Financial Strategies
BU 656 Strategic Information Systems
BU 657 Strategic Marketing Management
BU 658 Managerial Skills and Professional Experience
BU 659 Strategic Analysis
Elective in Global Business1 (BU 674 or BU 678) 

Upper-level Elective Courses (choose two)

BU 616 Commercial Transactions
BU 630 Entrepreneurship and Creativity
BU 653 Product Systems
1BU 674 International Business
1BU 678 International Marketing
BU 679 Investments
BU 683 Venture Creation
BU 685 Business Intelligence Systems
BU 696 Research Project in Business
BU 698 Special Topics in Business 
AC 630 Advanced Accounting Information Solutions