Master of Business Administration

MBA Program Orientation Experience

Before the start of the fall semester, all students admitted for the previous spring or summer and current fall semesters are required to attend the MBA Program Orientation.  

During orientation you will:

  • Learn what is expected of you and what you can expect of the faculty
  • Interact with other MBA students and faculty members by participating in a set of specially designed exercises.
  • Learn the importance of the academic portfolio and how it will be used to assess your performance
  • Understand how the academic portfolio relates to the closure experience [LINK if designed as a Web page]
  • Begin building your portfolio by completing the first entry, your written expectations of the MBA program.
  • Understand how Washburn School of Business uses the MBA Major Field Test (MBA-MFT) to assess the effectiveness of the program.
  • Discover the advantages of participating in the MBA student organization – Washburn MBA Association (WMBAA).