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Kaw Valley Bank Working Paper Series

Working papers from our School of Business faculty are research "works-in-progress."  If you are on campus, feel free to take a copy of the most recent papers from the display case on the third floor of Henderson Hall. If you would like to have an electronic copy of a past or current paper, visit the Mabee library website. 

List of current working papers

No. 134 – January 2012
Income Tax Winners and Losers: The Recession in Focus
Kandalis Ockree and Jim Martin

No. 135 – February 2012
Closing the Federal Deficit Gap: You Make the Call! (Making the Case for Expenditure Cuts and/or Tax Increases)
Kandalis Ockree and Jim Martin

No. 136 – February 2012
Intangible Resources and Growth Intent: Are Family Businesses Performing Better?
Michael Stoica, David Price, and Robert J. Boncella

No. 137 – February 2012
Beauty as Capital
Bingqing Yin and Susie Pryor

No. 138 – February 2012
A Report on the Development of an Articulation Agreement on the Transfer of Students from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree Program at Washburn University
Robert J. Boncella and Russell E. Smith

No. 139 – February 2012
Global E-Courses Presented Using Off the Shelf Hardware and Software: Experience from Teaching Courses Overseas
Robert J. Boncella, Michael Stoica, and Zhang Yunchuan

No. 140 – March 2012 
System Design and its Effect on Selected Components of Meaningful Use for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software
Robert J. Boncella, Sun Wenying, and Carol Boncella


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