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Washburn Business Research Seminar Series

The School of Business Research Seminar, sponsored by Kaw Valley Bank, allows School faculty, students, and guest presenters to share their ongoing research and receive critical feedback.

Schedule of presentations for Spring 2014 Semester


Tuesday, January 28              12:30pm                      HC 104
Rob Weigand
" 2014: The Steadily-Improving Economic Outlook"
Tuesday, February 11     12:30pm                               HC 104
Louella Moore
" Accountability Issues in Citizens United "
Tuesday, February 25             12:30pm                      HC 104
" Technology in the Business Classroom"
Panel discussion, facilitated by
Bill Roach and Pam Schmidt
Tuesday, March 11          12:30pm                               HC 104
Reza Espahbodi
" The Effect of Regulations on Analysts’ Earnings Forecast Properties "
Tuesday, April 1                12:30pm                               HC 104
Rosemary Walker
(with Rob Hull and Sungkyu Kwak)
" Equity Offering Response to Hedge Fund Returns "   

Tuesday, April 15      12:30pm                               HC 104
Jennifer Ball, Jim Martin, and Kandy Ockree
 " The Effects of the Great Recession
on Higher Education Enrollments and Financing "
Tuesday, April 22      12:30pm                               HC 104
Sorin Valcea
" Social Loafing and Team Satisfaction "
(Beatrice research presentation)
Tuesday, May 6                12:30pm                               HC 104
Liviu Florea
" Friend or Foe: Spurious Effects of Trust "
(Beatrice research presentation)



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