School of Business

Transfer BBA Students

We’re so thankful that you are considering a Washburn business degree.  We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is to transfer credits into our AACSB-accredited business program. We want to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

Washburn is surprisingly affordable.   If you are a good student, we have generous business scholarships available to help you pay for college.  You will want to be sure and submit an application before our deadline date of February 15th.    

There are incredible opportunities to get involved with our faculty, student organizations, fellow students, and alumni.  These connections will help you build a rich network of colleagues and mentors that can assist you in finding those internships, part-time employment and eventually full-time opportunities within your field.    Many of our students are already working in the Topeka area, earning good money to help pay for school.  

If an AACSB-accredited, affordable, and transfer-friendly business program is what you seek, you have found your home at Washburn.

Want to learn more?  Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at or 785-670-1308

Top three questions of transfer students:

How are my credits going to transfer?

There has never been an easier time to transfer to Washburn University than there is now.  Our faculty have simplified the general education transfer acceptance to the point where if you’ve completed a course classified as a general education course (Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences) at your old school, then we will automatically apply it as a general education course here at Washburn.  So, if you’re coming in from a community college, you are in luck, you don’t have to worry about your credits, they will be accepted (up to 64 hours, anyway).

Transferring business courses is easy as well, we have a number of articulation agreements already in place with several local community colleges, as you can see from the links on the right, but if you are transferring from another 4-year AACSB accredited business school then those credits should easily fit into our program as well.

Our Director of Student Affairs, Stacy Woltje, would be happy to complete an unofficial analysis of your credit that will let you know specifically what you’ll need to graduate.  This is best done by emailing a copy of your transcript (unofficial copies are fine) to

You can also review university transfer guides by checking out the Credit Evaluation link on the University Admissions page.

Do I qualify for a School of Business scholarship?

We have generous scholarships available for students bringing in a GPA of 3.25 or higher.  In fact, if you’ve got the grades, have submitted our scholarship application, and have your acceptance to the university completed prior to the deadline date of February 25th we can GUARANTEE that you will receive a scholarship from the School of Business.  We use the following matrix in determining our awards.

School of Business Annual Transfer
Student Scholarship Award Schedule:

GPA Award
3.91-4.00 $2,250
3.71-3.9 $2,000
3.51-3.7 $1,750
3.25-3.5 $1,500

Is it possible to complete the Business program online or during the evening while I work full-time?

It is not a goal of our program to have the degree available online, and as result, you won’t find many courses offered online.  However, we currently have two major programs, Accounting and Management, which may be completed entirely during the evening offerings.  Our evening courses are typically two nights a week, with a schedule of Mondays/Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45 or 7:00-8:15 or Tuesdays/Thursdays at the same times.  With careful planning it is possible to enroll in up to 12 hours as an evening student.  Many general education courses are available online, when paired with the evening offerings students can take even more hours if desired.  However, if you are enrolling in evening courses because you are working full-time, it is our strong recommendation that you consider part-time hours, especially if you are looking to have a strong GPA and not just pass the class! 

If you are planning on living in or near Topeka, also keep in mind that several larger employers here in the capitol city offer students a number of flexible hour options, so it is often possible to also take day classes or a combination of day/night courses to complete your degree.    Area companies and smaller firms love to hire our students, pay well, and are willing to work with students on schedule.