School of Nursing

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education

The Graduate Certificate in Education is offered to nurses with a prior Master of Science in Nursing degree. The certificate is designed to provide nurses expertise in educational theory, teaching strategies, and curriculum development. Students may complete the certificate in preparation for a clinical faculty role, staff development, and a variety of nurse educator positions. Students enrolled in the Washburn University MSN program may choose to complete the education certificate as a complement to their MSN curriculum. This certificate program will provide necessary competencies for clinical educator positions.

The 12 credit hour curriculum is composed of two didactic courses, one practicum course, and one elective. The curriculum provides a flexible and contemporary graduate education that can be tailored to the interests of the student.

Core Curriculum (12 credit hours)

Course Credit Hours
NU 680 Educational Foundations in Nursing 3
NU 682 Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice 3
NU 684 Education Practicum 3
NU 686 Education Elective 3

Education Certificate Course Descriptions   (12 credit hours) 

NU 680 Educational Foundations in Nursing (3 hr)
Focuses on education theories, principles of learning and application to nursing. Curriculum development and didactic teaching will be the main emphasis of this course.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing

NU 682 Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice (3 hr)
Education theory related to experiential learning with special emphasis on the practice of nursing, clinical teaching, mentoring and supervision.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing

NU 684 Education Practicum (3 hr)
Acquisition of teaching experiences in the classroom and clinical settings. Practicum provides 120 hours of teaching experience, half in the classroom and half in a clinical setting. Included is 15 hours of seminar conferences for a total of 180 hours.  Arranged to student area of practice interest.
Prerequisites: NU 680 and NU 682 or consent

NU 686 Education Elective (3 hr)
Contemporary concepts and issues that address a variety of classroom teaching strategies.

Choose ONE from the following courses:

  • ED 472 Issues in Modern American Education (3 hr)
  • ED 486 Issues in Educational Technology (3 hr)
  • ED 494 Philosophy of Education (3 hr)
  • ED 565 Introduction to Educational Research (3 hr)
  • ED 582 Leadership in Technology (3 hr)
  • ED 584 Multimedia in the Classroom (3 hr)
  • ED 586 Integrating the Internet into Instruction (3 hr)
  • ED 587 Emerging Technologies in Education (3 hr)