Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt

The Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt course delves into the DMAIC process through in-depth information, analysis, and application of Six Sigma and Lean concepts that can be immediately applied to projects and for leading and managing process improvement teams. The course is designed to certify participants as competent in the fundamentals of the Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt body of knowledge as defined by Washburn University. Prior participation in the Washburn University Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt course or prior Lean Six Sigma experience is strongly encouraged.

The format is nine full day sessions clustered in three, three-day increments approximately every other three to four weeks.  Class sessions are from 8:00 in the morning to 5:15 in the evening each day for total class time of 72 hours.

Course materials provided include the Business Improvement Guide  workbook, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Open Source book, the Lean  Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook, and Six Sigma and Minitab. The course is  also supplemented with online content and applications. Participants  must have a laptop with the Minitab Statistical Software and be familiar  with basic use and applications. Meals and refreshments are provided all  days of the class.

 The standard cost of the course is $3,100. See Fees and Payments for additional information about discounts and other fees.