Lean Six Sigma

LSS: Yellow Belt Testimonials

“The use of a teaching/learning model of hearing, seeing and doing exercises was very useful. I thoroughly enjoyed the class!”
Pat Rippberger
Security Benefit

“This is the best course I have attended, Very worthwhile. I will implement these tools and philosophy at my work.”
Martin Strydom
Midwest Single Source, Inc.

“Very helpful in my current position. Will definitely apply many of the principles and am planning on taking the Green Belt course.”
Amy Kincaid
Stormont-Vail Health Care

“Provided a great understanding of the tools available and the DMAIC process …. The instructor was able to give real examples of LSS.”
Paloma Carmona
Payless Shoe Source

“I came in with a basic knowledge... but I learned so much more over the past two days. I am excited to take these skills back to my organization and start working on getting to the next level.”
Melissa Loyd
Security Benefit

“Lean Six Sigma is a great tool for any organization and one that many people can benefit from. It sets one up for organizational excellence.”
Angela Lane
VA Health Resource Center

“This course laid a good foundation for helping me on projects in my job. I now have an organized method for being successful. This course was easy to understand and the materials are helpful.”
Denise Hamilton
Westar Energy

“I am excited to take the knowledge, skills, and tools gained from this course and incorporate into self-improvement as well as company development.”
Sara Kaster
Security Benefit

“I felt this was  a great class. Can’t wait for the last two in my department to take this class so we can all work the processes in the same manner. Very excited about putting in use.”
Jamie Slawson
Hill’s Pet Nutrition

“Very interesting. I am looking forward to continuing.”
Laura Robertson
Salina Area Technical College

“I have acquired tools I didn’t have before that I now can apply to my current position.”
Amy Cooper
Security Benefit

“Excellent overview of Lean Six Sigma and the 25 steps. The exercises were helpful in understanding the tools and processes.”
Marian Jamison
Washburn University School of Nursing

“Very well done … Very impressed with the (instructors)discussion and incorporation of our business into the discussion.”
Aaron Tallen
Security Benefit

“Learned a lot that I could apply to my organization immediately … very easy to understand with real life examples.”
Natalie Johnson
Maximus Healthwave

“Great presentation … knew information and content extremely well.”
Jason Immenschuh

“The goals of the class brought to light the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma. (Liked the emphasis of) getting back to the basics of focusing on the customer and their needs.”
Wayne Ireland
Westar Energy

“Great high level overview of Lean Six Sigma with a focus on the tools that can be used in any quality improvement process.”
Judy Corzine
Stormont-Vail Hospital

“This was both interesting and valuable. Enjoyed the diversity of the group (participants).  I believe the philosophy has the potential to enhance the productivity of my area.”
Richard Eaken
Payless Shoe Source

“Covered Lean Six Sigma completely. Have a better understanding how it works and how our agency can improve.”
Jeff Mittermeier
VA Health Resource Center

“Committed, extremely well prepared instructor(s). I will recommend the class to others in my industry.”
Pat Schafer

“The instructor was very good at personalizing the information to help digest it. Loved the stories of experience.”
Tamera Herron
Security Benefit

"A good mixture of class participation, book reference, and videos. Well rounded. Washburn provides great facilities to support this."
Bob Ortiz
Westar Energy

"To learn and then practice in a group and team setting helps to understand the process and the power of the tools. Excellent introduction to LSS and a true eye opener."
Marta Haut
Washburn University

“Course content was very applicable and insightful. I really enjoyed the real life examples (the instructor) brought to the course.”
Brandon Barnett
Security Benefit

“Excellent class with a lot of applicable information … A great course in providing a process for finding solutions to issues facing businesses and organizations.”
Karl Klein
Small Business Development Center