professional development

Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance

Professional Action to Effect Change

The Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance is a multidisciplinary professional education program that challenges practitioners to critically analyze the process of effecting change in professional practice, organizational policy, and societal responses related to victim assistance. The program is most appropriate for experienced system and community-based practitioners and administrators who are challenged to consider key ideologies, values, and attitudes that influence professional and organizational approaches to service provision.

Registrants are contacted prior to the program to solicit specific issues and problem areas that may help inform program content and application. A problem solving process is introduced as a framework for exploring and analyzing issues and challenges victim assistance, including analysis of the justice system and various allied areas that serve victims from a comprehensive perspective. Participants work collaboratively to explore quality professional practice, efficient and effective organizational programs and policies, and victim sensitive societal responses. This problem solving approach occurs through application exercises that build the knowledge and skills necessary for creating a step-by-step structured action plan that can be implemented post-program to effect change.