Program Management Essentials


Doug Von Feldt

Project Management Essentials

While it may not be in the title or even the job description, most professionals manage temporary initiatives – projects - intended to achieve a desired product or service. Unlike the management of  routine operations or programs, projects are narrow in scope and often require collaborations with individuals or organizational units who may not typically work together.   As such, effective project management requires unique knowledge and competencies. The Project Management Essentials course provides an introduction to the key elements that leaders or team members working on projects must know to be successful.  The course also introduces the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) terms and processes.  A simulation case study is used throughout the course to gain experience using key tools and processes.

Courses are scheduled for two consecutive days from 8:15a.m. to 4:45p.m. Materials, refreshments, and lunches are provided.

The standard cost of the course is $645.  See Fees and Payments for additional information about discounts and other fees.