Executive Committee

Dan Peterson

Dan Petersen is the Associate Dean of the School of Applied Studies and faculty in the Department of Human Services at Washburn University. Some of his professional experiences include program director and acting superintendent of a state institution for children with developmental disabilities. He served on the National Victim Assistance Standards Consortium.

Some of his many publications and presentations include "Privileged Communication and Victim Advocacy" and "Analysis of Antecedent Control of Aberrant Behavior." He authored or co-authored the chapters "Impact of Stress: Physiological and Psychological Aspects," "Trauma Response and Crime Victims," and "Victims of Criminal Death" for the JCVVS text, Victim Assistance: Exploring Individual Practice, Organizational Policy, and Societal Responses. He contributed to a chapter on research and evaluation for the NVAA Text and he contributed a chapter on homicide and on the criminal justice system to a text funded by the Office for Victims of Crime.

Dan has a doctorate in Development and Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas and a masters in Human Development from the same institution. He received a bachelor degree from North Central College.