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Dan Petersen, Ph.D.

Patricia Dahl, Ph.D.

Professional Development and Consultation

The Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies offers professional development courses and consultation on the multi-faceted and complex aspects of violence and victimization and the delivery of services to address these issues.

Professional Education

Professional development courses are designed to challenge the adult learner through curriculum and instruction that embrace theory and research while focusing on application to a diverse audience of professionals. Program faculty draw upon their academic areas of study as well as their professional work experiences.   Further, faculty have substantial experience in higher education and/or training environments.  Focus on the unique needs of the professional adult learners is emphasized in program development and instruction.  Courses may be sponsored by state and community organizations as a contract program  

All courses include a certificate of attendance for the identified professional development hours and some courses have a certificate of completion component that requires additional demonstration of knowledge and skills. Academic credit may be offered as an option for some programs.


A host of national experts work with the JCVVS who can assist in a variety of service, organizational and policy issues. The JCVVS can assist in an initial needs assessment to determine the level of consultation and technical assistance and then refer the appropriate JCVVS resource for additional service.